My Portfolio

I am fairly certain we all get emotional over how beautiful children and family photos are. When I first started out in photography, it was a hobby first in High School and I was into street photography. Capturing people in places in the nature of just being themselves. Then I became a first time mommy and of course, started snapping away every moment I could to capture my newborn twins. To be honest it was all I knew and I loved it. Over time as my photography evolved, morphed and molded into its own approach, I found myself wanting to capture children and family for others in the same way I captured the stories of my family. With a more organic and natural feel. I desired images that didn’t seek perfection as much as they sought out connection and emotion.

This is when I discovered what is known as Lifestyle Photography. It pretty much means capturing your life as it is. No studios, lighting or props, just your family, your home and your treasured possessions. It does not include heavy posing nor is it in pursuit of the ‘technically perfect’ shot. It’s goal is to capture the connections and uniqueness of your baby to his or her sitter years thru to becoming a toddler, child years, even teenagers and to incorporate your world and document it with authenticity. I can guarantee you you will never regret photos that show your family as it truly is, not overly edited or awkwardly posed.